SLG Li Battery Slurry Auto Production Line

Product Feature

Combined by weighting kettles, weighting and conveying systems, storage tanks, glue pot, transfer tanks, feeder, high speed mixer, booster pumps, magnetic filters, high-speed homogenizer, auxiliary equipment and DCS central control system components. Lithium battery cathode and anode raw materials( powder and liquid) been automatically and continuously fed to the line spiral mixer through a slurry precise metering system, then mixed in the spiral mixer, dispersing, milling, vacuum and other operations, and then continuous slurry mixer output from the spiral into the next production process,. It has high production efficiency, suitable for mass production. it has high level, to eliminate the material directly exposed to air, good quality and stability of products, less material and energy consumption and so on.

Production capacity

300L/h~3500L/h, customization


The product is close to the theoretical value, and the material loss is negligible


1~2 workers/ batch, Low labor intensity


Slurry feature: Good dispersion, uniformity and fineness. The viscosity, particle size, solid content, fluidity is uniformity and stability。

Workshop environment

Closed production, no material transfer, no need to clean each batch, low odor, no dust, and clean ground

External environment

Since the equipment does not need to be cleaned in each batch, no waste water or waste will be discharged, and it will not pollute the external environment

Production form

Twin screw mixing device, shearing, dispersing and kneading

Feeding method

Auto measure and convey

Production control

Central control system, computer control system automatically batches according to formula, accurate measurement, real-time output control curve


Raw material input can be output, no intermediate products and intermediate product inventory


Produce the same amount of slurry, its occupied area is 3/4~1/2 of traditional mixer




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