QLF Series Dispersing Power Mixer

Product Feature

  • Suitable for production of HTV Silicone Rubber, RTV Silicone Rubber, Liquid Silicone Rubber, Silicone Sealant, PU Sealant, MS Sealant and etc.
  • Design pressure: normal or vacuum ≤-0.098MPa
  • Diameter of inner vessel (mm): 1200
  • Vessel capacity(L): 1130 L
  • Material of main body: stainless steel
  • Stirrer mode: shape with two equal parts, with wall scrapers and bottom scrapers, high speed dispersion stirrer
  • Power of mixing motor, rotation speed and frequency converter
  • Low speed stirring: Motor power 30 KW, with 30 KW Reducer, rotation speed 0~23 r/min, with 30 KW Frequency Converter
  • High speed dispersing mixing: Motor power 37 KW, rotation speed 0~985 r/min, with 45 KW Frequency Converter
  • Lifting of vessel cover: Hydraulic
  • Power supply: AC: 3 x 440 V, 50 Hz
  • Overall dimension(mm): L 2550 x W 1520 x H 5030 (3840+lift up distance)


QLF dispersing power mixer is a kind of high-efficiency mufti-functional mixer already proved by practice. It can meet the needs of users to quickly change working requirements during operation, and can custom-make various kinds of mixer to meet different viscosity materials on clients’ requirements. Working capacity range from 5L to 3500L, power is designed according to viscosity of materials. It is widely used in silicone sealant, adhesive, cosmetics, chemical products, battery, foodstuff, pharmacy and plastic industries, etc. Dispersing power mixer has 3-4 different stirrers inside of vessel, including one low-speed stirrer revolving around vessel axis, and the other 2-3 high-speed stirrers rotating around its own axis at different high speeds to achieve complicated movement of strong shearing and kneading for materials inside of vessel.  

Optional Hot Sale Models

 QLF-5L, QLF-10L, QLF-50L, QLF-100L, QLF-600L, QLF-1100L, QLF-2000L, etc.




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