Powder Convey System For Small Bag

Product Feature

1. Summary 

This system is consists of powder feeding tank, transmit pump and filtration device. It can be used to conveying silica and calcium carbonate). When feeding, manually put powders into the feeding tank, and then use the pump to convey powder into end using equipment. Powder feeding top has air draft device and powder collecting bag, which can efficiently prevent powder blowing, clean powder feeding environment. Equipped with air draft and filtration device on the end using equipment, which can conveniently exhaust the air without powder dust. Filtration device has pulse jet cleaning device, which can automatically clean adhered powder, prevent filter element from blocking.

Powder feeding tank and filtration device all are made of stainless steel. Powder feeding tank can design with floor type or platform, convenient operation. Capacity and installation type can be customized. Equipment material is 2B stainless steel, fine appearance.

This system can conveniently realize powder feeding and conveying, no powder blowing. Good for environment and greatly reduce labor intensity, which is reliable powder feeding system.


1)Delivery capacity:25~35kg/min(silica powder), 35~50kg/min ( calcium carbonate powder).

2)Automatic lifting of ton-bag powder kettle, automatic flap and bridge-broken device to avoid the bridging and blocking of powder.

3)Adopt import convey pump, close delivery pipeline, and no leak out of powders and no waste, no pollution.

4)Filter device has pulse re-flowing device to clean powder absorbed by filter element, ensures cleanliness of filter element.


This machine is suitable for different kind power unpack, such as silica power, carbon powder and etc.




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