Recognize the Situation, Know Your Own Nature, Live Up to the Times

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  • Date:2023/02/03

On January 30th, the ninth day of the first lunar month, the sun was shining and it was peaceful and beautiful.

GMK held a 2023 staff meeting grandly, and all subsidiaries also held New Year's commencement ceremonies simultaneously.

GMK meeting place

Commencement ceremony of JinDeLi and AnDeLi

Commencement ceremony of TianBaoLi

Huang ShaoQing, CEO of GMK Group, made a summary report on the company's production and operation in 2022.

Under the complex and severe external environment, all employees of Gold Galaxy have united with sincerity, and the performancehas reached a new high, delivering satisfactory results. At the same time, Huang Shaoqing made a detailed analysis of the areas thatneed to be improved, the opportunities and challenges faced by the company's various business systems, and mobilized all employees to achieve the production and operation goals in 2023!

CEO Huang ShaoQing

At the meeting, Chairman Zhang QiFa delivered an important speech on the theme of the conference, "Recognize the Situation, Know Your Own Nature, Live Up to the Times".

Chairman Zhang QiFa

-Key points of Zhang QiFa's speech-

1. Recognize the Situation

1.1 Realize the dilemma

1.1.1 Difficulties in the international situation lead to stagflation and affect exports of traditional industries.

1.1.2 The predicament after the epidemic and the lack of public consumption have affected purchasing power.

1.1.3 Competition in the new energy lithium battery industry is becoming increasingly brutal, affecting investment in the real economy.

1.1.4 Social and psychological difficulties, young people are anxious, lose the necessary confidence in the future, and would rather deliver food than enter the factory.

1.2 Realize the opportunity

1.2.1 The rate hike of the US dollar has slowed down and will remain at a high level, creating room for the RMB.

1.2.2 The fundamentals of domestic real estate will stabilize.

1.2.3 The manufacturing industry is valued and supported by policies.

1.2.4 The new energy industry will continue to develop strongly, but there will be major structural changes.

1.3 Market direction for the next few years

1.3.1 Consolidate the existing stock customers and do a good job in customer service whole-heartedly.

1.3.2 Develop and maintain future influential customers at home and abroad.

1.3.3 Actively expand new technology routes and new product solutions for the development of new energy and organic silicon industries.

2. Know Your Own Nature

GMK people must recognize our own nature and achieve "right knowledge, righteous thoughts, righteous actions, and righteous results". In the process of arousing thoughts, we must subdue evil thoughts, arouse good thoughts, find action in inaction, and see ourselves in non-self, clear the right direction, and absorb strong positive energy.

3. Live Up to the Times

3.1 The new energy industry we are engaged in is the outlet of the times, and the future is promising, so we should cherish it even more.

3.2 We are in an era of symbiosis and co-prosperity. Individuals, families, enterprises, industries, countries, and the world are all closely related. We must have a holistic view.

3.3We must make full preparations to go to the world and enter the European and American markets. We must take every step well and be ready to set sail at any time.

In recognition of those who have made special contributions to the development of the Group, after strict selection, Xu Jianfang, Li Xiaoyun, and He Siqing were awarded the Special Contribution Award for their outstanding performance and contributions. 

Xu Jianfang from Lithium Battery Equipment Department was awarded by Chairman Zhang

Li Xiaoyun, General Manager of the Lithium Battery Equipment Department, walked the red carpet with his family

He Siqing, Chief Engineer of Electrode Equipment, is delivering his acceptance speech

Efforts will eventually pay off. In 2023, GMK people will continue to carry forward the spirit of struggle and make unremitting efforts to create greater value for customers, industries and society.




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