SLG Sealant Full Automatic Twin screw Production Line

Product Feature

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  • Payment Item:T/T or L/C
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SLG series full automatic twin-screw auto production line is a production line which adopts twin-screw machine as its main production equipment and loss-in-weight metering scale as its main metering equipment. Though the PLC control metering system, raw materials are automatically and continuously fed into the main segment of the twin-screw machine; materials finish dispersion, grinding and reactions in the twin-screw machine; the products are continuously discharged from the twin-screw machine and enter packing equipment to be packed as finished products. This production line is specially for the large production capacity, such as 1ton/h or 2tons/h, with high quality, high speed, stable quality, etc. It can be used to product silicone sealant, MS sealant, solar glue, 107 polymer,PU sealant, electric sealant, HTV, LSR, etc.





Payment Item

T/T  or  L/C




silicone sealant, MS sealant, solar glue, 107 polymer,PU sealant, electric sealant, HTV, LSR, etc.

Application Case

1. Twin-screw auto sealant production line

2. Twin-screw MS sealant auto production line

3. Twin-screw 107 silicone polymer  auto production line

4. Twin-screw HTV auto production line

5. Twin-screw silicone sealant for rock materials auto production line

6. Twin-screw polyurethane sealant auto production line

7. Twin-screw solar sealant  auto production line

8. Twin-screw electronic industrial sealant auto production line

9. Twin-screw liquid injection molding rubber auto production line

10. Twin-screw 110-methyl vinyl silicone rubber auto production line

11. Color paste auto production line

12. Full auto production line of coating polyurethane

Included system

1. Different kind powder material storage, conveying,metering system

2. Different kind liquid material storage, conveying,metering system

3. Twin screw mixing machines

4. Cooling system

5. Vacuum system

6. Feeding system

7. Electric control system

Customer design

This production line can be customer design. According to the customer’s formula, raw material an production technology, we can make and offer different solutions.





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